March 6, 2024: Nature Biotechnology, a transformative journal covering the science and business of biotechnology, published a review article on the significant challenges facing molecular glue companies seeking to remove undruggable disease-causing proteins, highlighting the innovative differentiated approach advanced by SEED Therapeutics among a few other companies.  In a section titled “Sticking without glue” the author of the Nature Biotechnology review article Ken Garber discussed the strategy pioneered by SEED founders Lan Huang, PhD, Ning Zheng, PhD, Michele Pagano MD, and Avram Hershko MD, PhD, of selecting the right E3 ligase from the >600 available in the human genome to increase the probability of success in the extensive drug development efforts that follow the E3 ligases selection decision.  James Tonra, PhD, the President and CSO of SEED Therapeutics was furthermore quoted in the article to emphasize two key components of the RITE3 platform for molecular glue discovery at SEED:

  • The E3 ligase binds to the target protein without a molecular glue to be selected
  • The E3 ligase associates to some extent with the target protein in cells

As Ken Garber notes, “It won’t be easy” to develop Molecular Glues, but the current investment of time and money into molecular glue discovery at small and large pharmaceutical companies indicates the potential importance to patients recognized in industry and academia.  SEED Therapeutics is proud to be highlighted as a leader in developing potentially transformative solutions to realize the potential of this approach to treat numerous currently intractable diseases.

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